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Third International Sleddog Racing

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Classification of competition: personal competition takes place in
two parts.

Competition organizers: the public association «Nordic Sleddog Club», National Olympic Training Center for winter sports «Raubichi», with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Date and place: January 26-27, 2013. Minsk region, Minsk area, near the village of Raubichy, National Olympic training center for winter sports "Raubichy" (International Biathlon Union in 1996, the complex has assigned the highest category "A" and issued a license for the competitions of the highest level).


  • Kids (7-13) skijoring 1 dog, 550 m;
  • Juniors classes (14-17) skijoring 1 dog, 3 кm;

Senior classes: (18 & above):

  • skijoring 1 dog, women, 5 кm;
  • skijoring 1 dog, men 7 кm;
  • skijoring 2 dogs, 7 кm;
  • D - class, 5 кm;
  • C - class, 7 кm;
  • B - class, 10 кm;

Relay race:

  • 1st stage – skijoring 1 dog, 1 km;
  • 2rd stage – skijoring 2 dogs, 1 km;
  • 3rd stage –D class, 1 km;
  • 4rd stage – С class, 1 km.

Route of the race: circularly, the start and finish in the biathlon shooting range "Raubichi" difficult trail passes through the scenic forest in. The trail is prepared and marked according to the requirements of the IFSS.

Prize fund: the racing prize fund is formed from the sponsor’s means and will make not less than 3000$, plus others presents from the sponsors.

Refereeing: The race is held on the rules of IFSS, and some question the position of the race. Race marshal – Anna Wodzinska (on the right). She's been involved in sleddog sports since 1999, founding and later developing the Polish Assocition of Sleddog Sports (PASS). Today she is the PASS president and a judge, as well as an international judge for ESDRA and IFSS. In 2011 she became a Race Marshal for the international mid-distance race Border Rush- Husqvarna Tour in Jakuszyce, Poland. In spring 2012 she served as Race Marshal at the 2012 Latvian Championships in Baldone

The additional information: Deadline for application is January, 20th, 2013

Please, send  application for participation  on e-mail sikey@yandex.ru

On questions of participation in the competitions  call +375296695937

www.sleddograce.by, www.zaviruha.by